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From ski gear to vacation rentals, plane tickets to lift tickets, we skiers pay a lot for our sport.

The most important ski investment we can make, however, is in our own health. Eating well, which means eating the right food at the right time, dramatically affects our energy levels and mental focus. We may own the best gear and hit the hottest slopes but, if we haven’t fueled up the right way before, during and after skiing, we won’t be able to ski to our full potential. After all we’ve invested just to get to the top of that first hill, failing to fuel ourselves for the best possible ski experience simply makes no sense.

That’s where Vertical Drop Nutrition can help. Diana Sugiuchi, RDN/LDN, is an avid skier who is just as passionate about skiing as she is about good nutrition. Since 2009, Diana has provided individualized nutrition counseling for thousands of clients and athletes of all levels through her company Nourish Nutrition. Diana started Vertical Drop Nutrition in 2015 to help skiers of all levels excel by learning how to properly fuel for the slopes. Diana provides individual nutrition counseling to skiers both in person and virtually. She also has more than a decade of experience speaking regularly about nutrition to groups of all sizes, and welcomes inquiries about standard or custom ski nutrition talks.

Eat Smart. Ski More. Tips From The Lift.

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This book gives you practical tips and recipes to greatly improve your stamina, strength and concentration while skiing. Whether you are an occasional skier or a seasoned pro, this book gives you sound, scientific information from Registered Dietitian and avid skier, Diana Sugiuchi.